My First Time at Wembley Stadium

My experience at Wembley Stadium and what it was like watching a football match live

I’ve been a Tottenham Hotspur fan all my life but sadly I’ve never been to White Hart Lane. My entire experience of Spurs has been through television and radio, and I never really had the opportunity to watch football live at a stadium.

That was until Wednesday, when I was lucky enough to be given two tickets for the game against Southampton at Wembley Stadium. I genuinely thought my parents were having a joke at my expense when they said they had tickets. I was so excited when I was making my way from university with my dad to Wembley Stadium. I was even more excited when I could see Wembley Stadium from my seat in the tube, brightly lit and enticing.

I knew Wembley Stadium was big, but nothing could have prepared me for the walk from inside to watching the stadium open up in front of your eyes. It was an amazing view, and I was even more excited to be sitting behind the goal, I could see Heung-min Son and Lucas Moura score right in front of me (Harry Kane’s goal was down the other end!).

I was disappointed that the stadium wasn’t nearly as full as it could have been, although the North London Derby defeat had just happened the Saturday before, and it was an 8pm fixture on a Wednesday, it makes sense that fewer people attended the game. Despite that, the fans were not quiet, and instead of screaming at my television and my family telling me to shut up before the neighbours complain, I could shout out at my heart’s content and I still couldn’t be heard! It was brilliant seeing how passionate other Spurs supporters are, and there is a communal feel about chanting alongside fans even when you have never met them before.

One thing that I found rather odd was the number of people that were on their phones during the match. This may just be because I was there for the first time and wanted to get the full experience, even if I got my phone out now and then to take photos, but I would have thought everyone would be watching with their eyes peeled for the full 90 minutes. However, the other matches that were being played that night were important, as those results influenced Spurs’ position in the table, and so I realise some fans were on their phones to view that. It was also rather funny that I’m rather short and so I put a lot of effort into stretching over people’s heads to see what was going on and to try to film the match!

Watching a match on your television screen is nothing compared to watching it in real life at a stadium. There is just something about the build-up before the match, seeing all the other fans also hyped, and waiting to see the players walk out so close to you. Realising that the players are literally right in front of you instead of figuratively in front of you on a screen gives a feeling that I can’t explain in words.

Disclaimer: this is just me talking about my experience going to a football match, since it was my first and only experience with it. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved every minute of my time at the match and I’m just commenting on what I thought the experience would be compared to what it was actually like. Thank you for reading!!

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