Predictions for the World Cup 2018: Round of 16

The World Cup Round of 16 is approaching, and I’m certain it will be exciting!

So, I was wrong with my initial prediction of Germany winning the World Cup, they were very poor for the three games they did play, but kudos to Mexico and Sweden for making it through to the next round, and congratulations to South Korea for the splendid display against Germany, even if they didn’t progress from there. From the remaining teams, my prediction now would be Brazil to win the World Cup, as they looked like the most solid and talented team in the group stages, but we will have to see, as there are other teams, like Uruguay, who have looked quite good up to this point.

Round of 16 Matches My Predictions to Win
France vs Argentina France
Uruguay vs Portugal Uruguay
Spain vs Russia Spain
Croatia vs Denmark Croatia
Brazil vs Mexico Brazil
Belgium vs Japan Belgium
Sweden vs Switzerland Switzerland
Colombia vs England England


France vs Argentina

Argentina didn’t really pick up until their final game of the group stage, which I’m sure surprised people. France did win their games against Australia and Peru, and drew 0-0 with Denmark, although by that point France was already through to the Round of 16, and didn’t need a win. Since Argentina have got some great players (of course Lionel Messi springs to mind first, but there are others like Marcos Rojo who got that winner), I think they will put up a good fight, and will be determined to prove they are a great side, but I think France will just edge it.

Uruguay vs Portugal

Of course, Portugal’s stand out player is Cristiano Ronaldo, and the pressure will be on him to score against Uruguay, and I think he can. However, Uruguay have forwards like Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani to score goals and defenders like Diego Godin who look solid at the back. Uruguay have looked very good in the group stages and overall look like a better team compared to Portugal.

Spain vs Russia

Spain have got an array of talented players in their team, but haven’t necessarily played as well as they have the ability to do so, drawing to both Morocco and Portugal in the group stages. Russia finished second in their group, losing only to Uruguay, but with the players Spain have, I think the hosts will lose out.

Croatia vs Denmark

Croatia have got players like Luka Modrić and Ivan Rakitić, who really do stand out and have great talent. Croatia won all their group stage games, and really looked talented and solid. Denmark haven’t looked as though they are a more than an average side, and so I don’t think they will be able to beat this Croatia team.

Brazil vs Mexico

As I said earlier I do think that now Brazil are the favourites to win this entire competition, but Mexico have looked good, especially that win over Germany. However, I don’t think Mexico are good enough to win when Brazil have players like Phillipe Coutinho, Douglas Costa, Roberto Firminio, Gabriel Jesus, Thiago Silva and Neymar, to name a few.

Belgium vs Japan

Belgium have got some amazing talent, Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Mousa Dembélé and Dries Mertens, just to mention a few names. Belgium is full of good team players and they work very well together. Japan won a game, drew a game and lost a game in the group stages and do look a bit average, and so I think Belgium will have no issues in playing Japan.

Sweden vs Switzerland

Neither Sweden nor Switzerland looked particularly great or terrible during the group stages, and so it is difficult to predict who will most likely go through. However, I think Switzerland will have the edge over Sweden, as I think that they are the better team overall.

Colombia vs England

Despite defeat to Japan, Colombia went on to beat Poland and Senegal in the group stages, and looked good. They have key players like James Rodríguez, Radamel Falcao and Juan Caudrado, and will probably put up a good fight against England. On the other hand, England’s players like Jesse Lingard, Dele Alli, Marcus Rashford and of course, Harry Kane, will prove to be a real threat in this game, and I can see England coming out on top.

Of course, these are just my opinions, and if we have learned anything from this World Cup it is that anything can happen!

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